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My name is Caleb Tucker, also known as Crushing Caleb. I am a 13-year-old competitive athlete based in Boulder, Colorado. 

When I created this website a few years ago, it was fun crushing ninja courses in Colorado and beyond. At one time, I was top 10 in the world and had the opportunity to compete on Season 1 of American Ninja Warrior Jr on Universal Kids. I am proud to have brought home the Gold Medal in the State Games of America in 2019! It was AWESOME!


During COVID I found another passion, disc golf. So, I have retired from ninja and am now playing disc golf competitively (it's so fun!) So, stay tuned here for fun #discgolfvideos!! I can't wait to now crush #discgolf courses.

I'm excited that during my first year of playing disc golf competitively, I have been able to take home the titles of:

2021 Colorado Disc Golf State Champion (MJ15)

2021 Illinois Disc Golf State Champion (MJ15)

Huge thank you to Ozo Coffee and DiscDot for supporting my journey!! #teamdiscdot


To follow all of my day-to-day adventures make sure to follow me on Instagram @crushingcaleb and @calebthediscgolfer