OH NO! A Skiing (Mis)Adventure

Original fiction by Caleb Tucker

One day I was skiing at Winter Park Resort (Colorado) , and the weirdest thing happened. My family and I (Zac, Mom, and Dad) were riding up the super gauge lift. It was a week day so almost nobody was there, and we rode up with no singles. While I was eating my ham and cheese sandwich, we discussed which run to go down.

“I want trestle-”

“Me too-”

“I kinda’ wanna do the warm up run-”

“Same with me!”

Zac and I voted for Trestle while mom and dad voted for the Tucker family warm up run.

“Pspspspsssspspps” I heard mom and dad whispering. They agreed that Zac and I were old enough to go by ourselves. I thought that they just wanted to be by themselves. We all decided to meet back at super gauge.

So we got off the lift, turned left and headed toward Trestle. Trestle is my favorite run I have ever done, because it is long, bumpy, fast, and a blast! Next we got to the first pitch and first flat part of the run, then to the second pitch/big jump. The “big jump” is, well, a big jump that we do tricks off of. It has about a dozen trees 10 feet in front of it, and a stick pointing out the side. I veered left after Zac so I could get enough speed for the jump.He went in really fast and spread his arms and legs as far out as he could.

The moment I started for the jump, the tree in behind it ripped out of the ground and sprang to life. I was already was going to fast to stop myself so I thought to myself,”If I am going to die right now, I better go out in style.” I thrusted myself off of the jump, pointing my toes forward throwing my left hand into the air and my right hand grabbing the back of my skis. How the tree had a mouth, I wasn’t sure, but it’s mouth was open alright. I plunged into the open mouth, a fat, pink tongue sticking out. You might’ve never thought of this, but I bounced off of the tongue like a golf ball bounces out of the hole. Surprisingly I landed on my feet, but the tree started chasing me. I pushed with my poles twice, trying to catch up with Zac, who saw the whole thing, was already 10 yards ahead.

When we got to the headwall, we decided to go up, because it was steeper than a triangle that’s tilted on it’s tip. We thought that it would be really hard for a tree to go down a steep headwall. We were wrong. The tree was ten feet behind us before the wall, but it just jumped from the top, to the bottom in less than a second. So, when we got to the bottom, the tree was perched on a mogul. Zac got there, so he turned right of the mogul that the tree was on. The tree dove but Zac cut left. I skied as fast as a flying french fry because the tree was down, and I had my chance. Since the tree was blocking the right side of the mogul, I went left. The tree stood up and was around a yard behind me.

“I go right, you go left,” I shouted to my brother at the little jumps part.

“OK,” he decided. The tree was confused, so it took awhile for it to decide to go left or right. It went for me, so I took none of the jumps. I got to the cut off before Zac did. The cut off is a secret little trail through the trees to the other run. It is tight in there so I did not think that the tree could get through it. I was right, but wrong. It tried once, couldn’t get through, so it climbed up to the top of the trees, and ran across the tops! When we got to the other side, the tree was still catching up.

“Go to Super Gauge!” I yelled. We went straight down to the cat track (Carona way) and went down into super speed position. Once the tree got to the cat track, it was too tired to run across the cat track, likewise, it did not want to get seen by other humans. So it went back into the trees, and planted itself in an empty spot. We got back to super gauge, but we wanted to go back home. After that, we told the parents and the Danas (the people we share our condo with) our encounter with the tree. They did not believe it, of course.

“Yeah, the tree, like actually came to life,” Zac announced. They still didn’t believe it. So we showed them the gopro video, and they were in utter shock.

The next day, we decided to go on trestle, but not on big jump. We learn that you always respect nature, because if you don’t, it could attack you. Will you ever try it? I wouldn’t.

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